Challenge: Attract the right target audience & generate high quality leads

Hedges came to us with a few problems with their website in 2022.

  • Their branding was misaligned with the business.
  • The website was attracting the wrong audience, resulting in poor-quality leads.
  • The user experience was poor

These low-quality leads were taking up the internal resource within the sales team. Hedges missed out on a large amount of potential business growth, as they weren’t getting the ‘right’ enquiries.

The new website has had a huge impact on the quality of our prospects!

Nicola Poole

Managing Director, Hedges Law



Increase in page views per session


Decreased Bounce Rate


Increased Avg. Session Duration

The Solution: Full rebrand & a new sexy website

To ensure we delivered a smooth and easy user experience, we began with the following:

  • Reviewing the existing website & its performance
  • Competitor research
  • Target audience research

From our analysis, we found that 45-54-year-olds had the highest conversion rate on the existing website, therefore we made sure to enhance this further on the new website, catering to this demographic.

Hedges now have a website that stands out from the sea of sameness.

We set out to produce a high-quality, sexy website that would attract higher-quality leads from people who can afford Hedges services.

Results: Luxury design, bespoke functionality & plenty of leads

2 key integrations were developed for the Hedges website.

First up were the Actionstep contact forms.

Any time a prospect or customer fills in a form, this data automatically goes through to their CRM alerting the sales team to new enquiries.

Then there was the content production platform, Passle.

The previous website was integrated poorly with Passle, and the posts didn’t fit in with the overall design of the website. All passle content is now integrated with the website seamlessly, so it looks and feels like it’s part of the website.

Prospect numbers are up but more importantly, quality of prospects is up and the volume of tyrekickers are down.

Thank you and well done!!

Nicola Poole

Managing Director, Hedges Law

Interested in a website like this for your business?

A project like this would take 2-4 months to complete. You can expect to invest between £8k – £20k for a website like this.

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