Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is of great importance to us as a business. We are committed to working in a manner whereby we can make a positive impact on the planet. We are far from perfect, but we do the following:


  • As an organisation we all work remotely to minimise our carbon footprint
  • Two thirds of the team are powered by renewable energy via Octopus Green
  • We provide services that are delivered without any need for transportation or the production of physical goods
  • We are a climate positive workforce and we offset our carbon on a monthly basis via Ecologi
  • We are and will remain paperless. Our proposals, agreements, and invoices are all online
  • We use green hosting suppliers
  • We are committed to planting a minimum of 10’000 trees per year


  • We minimise business travel as much as possible by holding the vast majority of our meetings online
  • Where business travel is deemed necessary, the whole team will travel via public transport
  • Cars will only be used on the rare occasions where a location is not able to be reached reasonably by public transport or cycling
  • We offset our carbon on a monthly basis via our partnership with Ecologi


  • Our team has flexible working hours. Work-life balance is incredibly important for a happy team
  • We utilise local suppliers as much as possible, to keep our carbon footprint low
  • We share our commitments to sustainability not only on our website, but also across our social platforms. It’s important to share what we do, to educate others 
  • We offer work experience placements and internships within the local community
  • We offer pro-bono support to local charities focused on climate change and sustainability goals