Working and creating websites in a sustainable way, whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. More than just a marketing quirk…we really mean it.

to Combating
Climate Change

By choosing to work with us, you are working alongside a climate positive workforce.

We’re determined to cut our carbon emissions and, as a team, we have committed to planting a minimum of 10,000 trees each year. With your help, this is possible.

Supporting the planet and ensuring we work sustainably is just as important to us as building you a powerful website that directly benefits your business.

Our Stats

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What We’re Doing

  1. Using a search engine that plants trees
  2. Providing green hosting solutions
  3. Producing energy-efficient websites
  4. Donating 20% of project profits to environmental causes
  5. Supporting local green initiatives
  6. Being 100% paperless
  7. Mitigating all business travel where possible
  8. Using sustainably-sourced products

How Do We Make Your Website Green?

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When creating your new website, our development team consciously uses as little code as possible and optimises all media content to ensure the file size of your web pages is as small as possible.

This, combined with hosting which uses energy from sustainable sources, ensures your new, ‘green’ website requires far less energy to run, reducing the amount of carbon generated each time it is accessed.

Discuss your sustainable website goals

tom riding e bike through woods

Brands We Champion

Great People Saying Nice Things

“Thank you for your team helping out with the beach clean – an amazing 63kg of litter was collected.”

Marine Conservation Society UK

Your Questions, Answered

  • Using as little code as possible, ensuring it is well structured and optimising all media content as much as possible means a website will require less energy to run.

  • All of our clients’ websites are hosted on servers that are powered by energy from sustainable sources.

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