How To: Get More Leads From Your Website

Website Conversion
Ryan Irving

If you’re anything like the majority of marketers I speak to, the biggest challenge in your role is typically generating more leads.

The great news for you is, there is a tonne of strategies you could implement to increase your chances of winning new leads.

The focus of this article is going to be on your website and what you can easily do to attract more of your ideal clients.

Your Website Needs to Stand Out

There are new businesses popping up all the time who you will have to compete with and to win, you’re going to have to stand out.

The good news is that many businesses have terrible websites so even the slightest improvement will give you an edge.

You and your team are fantastic at what they do and you’re probably pretty good at telling prospects this over the phone or face-to-face.

Your website, however, is riddled with the same dull words as the next business.

Put Yourself in Your Prospect’s Shoes

What is a potential new client looking for from a business like yours?

Typically, they’re going to want:

  • Quality
  • Fast turnaround times
  • An easy life
  • Transparent pricing
  • Reliability

So, what do you put on your website? Give them what they want!


To demonstrate you provide a great service to potential new clients, you could display some testimonials from your existing clients (preferably on video) who describe how the service you provide is perfect every time.

In addition to testimonials, you could also present some stats about your successes and client-retention etc.

Fast Turnaround Time

Again, stats are your friend here. Stats are easily digestible so are likely to be seen as a prospect skims through your site.

Publish some stats about your typical turnaround time..

Another testimonial would be great here too, but this time get a testimonial from a client about how fast you deliver your wonderful service.

An Easy Life

How do you show a prospect that working with your company will be a breeze? Describe your process. Show them exactly what they can expect from working with you.

Start at the very beginning. The first step in your process should be exactly what you want the prospect reading your process to do next e.g. call our team or submit an enquiry form.

Then work through every step in the client journey that culminates in success for them/their business.

Doing this means that your prospect will feel at ease knowing exactly what will happen next and won’t be worried about any surprises.

Transparent Pricing

There is no way a prospect will decide to work with you without knowing how you will charge them for your services so why make a prospective client work hard to figure this out?

Before you worry that a competitor will find this out too, if one of your competitors really wants this information, all they have to do is mystery shop call you and you’ll tell them!

Remember, not many businesses list their pricing on their website so by doing so, you’re already standing out.

Bonus: Make It Easy

The idea behind all of these tips is to make it as easy as possible for a prospect to decide to work with you.

One thing I see over and over again on websites is the lack of a clear, simple and strong call to action (CTA).

Don’t fall at the final hurdle.

If your prospect is ready to contact you, it should be blindly obvious what they need to do next.

A button that links to your enquiry form or contact page should be within your prospect’s eyesight at all times, especially after any compelling content which is encouraging them to use your services.


Competition is tough and there are a lot of websites so to stand a chance of winning new business, you have to stand out.

You can achieve this with stats, testimonials, an easy-to-follow process, transparent pricing and clear calls to action.

One thing you must absolutely do is track the performance of your efforts with something like Google Analytics. If you’re not a fan of GA, speak to us about our Google Analytics Consultant service.