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Tips For Web Design Students

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“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

Paula Scher

Good website design is crucial to the success of businesses in the modern era.

Becoming good at website design isn’t easy, however, and even the experts we have here at Ri Web will tell you that they’re still learning.

Starting out as an amateur can be difficult; there is so much to learn. Also, the trends and theory behind good website design is constantly changing as we discover more about how people actually use websites.

To help out any aspiring website designers we thought we would create a little list of tips.

Practise on friends

There are some things textbooks and tutors just can’t teach you.

There’s nothing like ‘on the job’ experience to really catalyse your learning.

You might struggle to get paid assignments before you’ve built up a portfolio, so you’re going to have to work for very little or free to begin with.

This will allow you to build up a log of work to show to potential clients, who will pay you based on the strength of your prior work.

You don’t need to tout your services across the internet, think of friends who would benefit from your skills. Maybe the ones who want to or are starting a business or are looking to promote something – you might get a few drinks in return!

Get A Mentor

Your Mum, Dad and pet cat might think you’re the best website designer in the world but they would still think that if you were producing absolute rubbish.

To improve you need to source and take constructive criticism from people who understand what it takes to succeed.

Find a mentor, who can help you with this.

It might start as them simply checking out your work quickly in return for a drink or two, but it could blossom into a fruitful relationship.

They might even pass you down the work that’s too small for them!

Get Hands-On Support

Another way you can get support is online. There are so many different websites you can visit that provide great support for students of loads of different subjects. One of these is custom writing service PapersOwl, if you go on there you can detail to them exactly what you are struggling, whether it’s an essay or a design. They will assign you a partner that will be able to help you out with your work and steer your work in a positive direction. You will pay them a small fee, but it’s nothing in exchange for having an amazing piece of work you can call your own.

Web design is such an integral part of so many different aspects of cultural, social and economic-based companies and businesses. If you are training to be a web designer you’ve definitely made the right decision. The point is that you need to capitalise on the opportunities that you have, reach out to people that are going to help you improve your brand and your style, and look for support where you can get it.