Website Performance Reports

How good is your website? If you have no idea how to answer this question then,
quite simply, you need to understand how well it’s performing. You need website performance reports!

Understand Your Website’s Value

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent £10 or £10,000 on your website, if it doesn’t get you the results you want, it’s worth nothing!

You need to know how hard your website is working for the money you’ve invested in it. Sure, you will probably know how many enquiries you’re getting but how many are you not getting?

Our website performance reports are tailored to show you the exact data you need to make informed decisions about your website.

Sample Google Analytics Marketing Website

Here are some of the basic metrics you can expect to see in your report and should definitely know about…


The total amount of ‘hits’ your website has had in the given period.
If I visit your website today and again tomorrow, that’s 2 sessions. How many pages I go to during each visit is irrelevant to this metric e.g. If on the first visit I view 3 pages and on the second visit I view 2 pages, the total sessions would still be 2.

Hint: The higher the number, the better.


The total amount of unique ‘hits’ your website has had in the given period.
Using the same example as above, if I visit your website today and again tomorrow, that’s 2 sessions but by 1 user. If, however I visit your website from my work computer today and again, when I get home this evening, that would count as 2 users. This is because Google Analytics uses IP addresses to register different users.

Hint: The higher the number, the better.

Google Page Views

Page Views

The total amount of pages viewed on your website in the given period.
Every time any page on your website is viewed by someone, this counts as a page view. Users viewing the same page repeatedly will affect this metric e.g. if I view your website today and go from the home page to the about page then back to the home page again, this would be 3 page views. If I did the same thing again tomorrow, that would be 6 page views.

Hint: The higher the number, the better.


The average amount of page views per session in the given period.
This is pretty straight forward; Page Views divided by Sessions. This metric shows you on average how many pages are viewed on every website visit.

Hint: The higher the number, the better.

Avg. Session Duration

The average length of time each session lasts in the given period.
On average how long a user spends viewing your website. If I spend 2 minutes on your website today, 4 minutes tonight and a further 3 minutes tomorrow, then the avg. session duration will be 3 minutes (2 + 4 + 3 = 9 total minutes spent on your site divided by 3 sessions).

Hint: The higher the number, the better.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of single-page visits to your website in the given period.
The percentage of visits in which a user arrives at your website and then leaves from the same page without interacting with the page at all.

Hint: The lower the number, the better.

% New Sessions

The percentage of first-time visitors to your website in the given period.
The percentage of visitors to your website who have never visited your website before.

Hint: Analysing this metric will depend on your website goals.


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