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top SEO strategies to boost conversions

Top SEO Strategies to Boost Your Conversion Rate in a Month

Imagine your site traffic organic shooting up from 300 to 3,000 in less than a month!

As incredible as that may sound, it’s often the natural outcome of excellent SEO planning and execution.  

If you are still wondering what these strategies are and how they can boost your conversion rate, this article will provide all the information you seek.

Here’s how to boost your conversion rate in under a month!


Regularly serve your readers with fresh, relevant and engaging 1000+ word count Content

If you’re always posting poorly written, uninteresting and vacuous content, then don’t even bother creating it in the first place.

People who publish short-form content are no longer at an advantage because research shows that blog posts that are 1,000 words or more get more organic traffic.

This is because web users “Googling” or searching for information want rich and incisive content that completely or nearly completely satisfies their knowledge quest in one article.  

You can’t cater for everyone and people with short attention spans won’t read an article regardless of it having 200 or 5,000 words. The audience you’re trying to capture with blogging are the ones seeking in-depth information, so go above and beyond average blogs to make your content stand-out.

A study from Neil Patel even suggests creating content in excess of 3,000 words!

The good thing with long form content is that it won’t come off as spammy to Google and other major search engines. It also positions you as a bonafide expert to your target reader.

Such content will help to establish your website as an industry authority, consistently driving users looking for useful and reliable knowledge to your site.

And guess what?

These are the people who will purchase because they trust your expertise.

This also satisfies the Google Rankbrain algorithm and boosts your SEO.

Truth is, it’s difficult to really analyse a topic in 300 words.

What is Rank Brain

If you’re wondering what rankbrain is, it’s an artificial intelligence system Google uses to rank websites based on how relevant they are to users. It can identify bad or poorly constructed content. What this means is that when writing for the web and adding the necessary keywords, they need to fit well and read naturally in a conversational tone.


Link to high authority sites

When writing for the web, it’s always important to link to high authority websites. But it’s also important to obtain inbound links from high authority sites too.

SEO specialist’s will often link build for clients – adding links to high authority sites pointing back to their clients website. The link acts as a form of academic reference to Google, demonstrating that your website is strong and credible.

E.g. If a website such as the Huffington Post or The Telegraph linked to your website this is an incredibly powerful sign to Google that you are legitimate and worthy of ranking.

Likewise, it’s worth linking out to these pages to help reference your own work and make it trustworthy in the reader’s eyes.

But be careful…

If you link irrelevant content, you are likely to be penalized. So make sure your links appear natural and relevant.


Use relevant keywords that optimise your content for Rankbrain

Boosting SEO is not an easy task. A lot of websites tend to publish one post with lots of keywords all linking to one site.

This doesn’t work.

Instead, you should optimise a post with just one phrase or keyword.

Look for the right keywords to fit each piece of content you create. Since you are hoping to convert visitors who probably clicked on your URL after a Google search, endeavour to find keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product and service.

You can find these keywords through Google Search Console. This online tool provides you with keyword opportunities according to what users are regularly searching for. 

It also shows you how users are reaching your site currently.

I.e. the entry users are searching that led to your site popping up in search results – you will find this in the search query report section.

Google Search Console also displays the number of clicks your site is generating. This helps you determine if you are on the right track or whether you should look for new keywords to use. Since Rankbrain ranks sites based on how relevant they are, endeavour to use highly relevant keywords.

Finally, you need a strong SEO strategy and a lot of hard work if you want Google and web users to see your site as ‘trustworthy.’

It may take time, resources and effort, but once you get the strategies right, you can be certain of a great boost in your conversion rate.

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