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Real time data and its benefit to Small Business Owners

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Getting accurate data for your company is vital to understanding your business and the markets around you. How accurate and up to date that data is, can depend on where you obtain it, and this can have a significant effect on your marketing strategy.

  Being able to get real time data that is accurate is a big bonus to companies. It enables you to be more proactive and deal with things as they happen. However, there are many other benefits to using real time data.

   Knowing Your Audience

  Understanding what your customers and potential customers want is what business is all about. If you don’t know your audience, then they are not going to be interested in your company.

  By using real time data, you can tailor your products and marketing to those you want to attract. It can also help you to understand what your customers think about a certain product.

   Resolving Issues  Once you have found what your customers need, you can also help with things as they go wrong. If you receive a complaint or negative comments, you can see straight away where the problem is and try to rectify it.  Having effective avenues of communication is vital for this to work, so you need to ensure that your customers can reach you in many different ways.  [bctt tweet=”Read this great article on real time data and how it can benefit your small business!” username=”Ri_Web_”]   Customer Experience  Ultimately, the experience your customers have is important to keep them as customers in the future. A good experience can also help with word of mouth advertising, which in consumers eyes is one of the best recommendations.  To achieve this, you need to get as much customer data as you can. You can get this through satisfaction surveys or by mystery shoppers.  By using software such as that from, you can utilise your SAP ERP data to greatly enhance the customer experience by delivering real time information to all or specific groups of your customers.   Test Your Campaigns  If you are thinking of running a new customer campaign or seeing how an existing one is progressing, then using data analytics can help you see what is happening. You can measure how your customers are influenced at any particular time of day.  It keeps you on top of any changes you need to make and lets you see when the best time of day is to have your advertisements shown.   Articles and Blog Posts  If you regularly post blogs or other articles about your company and your products, you should look to see what impact they are having on your customers. If you get a lot of people sharing or viewing a particular article, you will know that this subject interests your readers.  If it relates to a particular product, then you can try to target that product in future advertisements and articles.  By using all the data, you can get in real time; you can adjust and enhance campaigns and surveys much more easily than using traditional methods. It also allows you to adapt your social media posts and customer service replies to increase customer satisfaction.