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BBO Recruitment

BBO Recruitment is a team of experienced recruiters who service businesses based in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire. They are specialists in sourcing quality talent for finance, marketing, admin and HR positions.


  • Present the business as personable, friendly and experts in their field

  • Improve candidate registrations via the website

  • Increase new client enquiries via the website

  • Deliver a website with an intuitive system for searching and browsing available positions

  • Utilise an intuitive CMS for easy management of available positions

  • Improve search engine rankings


  • Industry, competitor, and ideal client research

  • UX strategy

  • Bespoke website built on the Wordpress platform

  • On-site optimisation for search engines and social channels

  • Custom analytics dashboard and monthly insights

We delivered

Increased Candidate


Client Enquiries


Search Engine


Page Views


Phase 1

Strategy & Planning

The client’s existing website was not working hard enough. Specifically the team at BBO Recruitment required a solution which would deliver increased conversions from both candidates and client prospects. This, together with a desire to appear more personable and friendly, created the brief for the new website.

Based on the agreed brief, we set about planning different user journeys for the various scenarios in which someone would be using the site and the information they would require in order to convert. From here a site map was formed which created the basis.

Phase 2


With the UX fine-tuned, we concentrated on completing the client’s objective of conveying the friendly personality of the business. To this end, we brought in our photography team to create new image assets which provided an on-brand showcase of BBO's team & offices located in the beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames.

We worked with the client to create new copy for the website, which highlighted the company's focus on strong client relationships. This, together with the new image assets created the basis for the unique page designs which were instantly signed-off by the client for development.

Phase 3


The critical area of development was the management, browsing and application for positions through the site. This facility needed to be simple to use for the client to add, edit and remove roles as well as easy for users to search, browse and apply for them.

We undertook significant research into the major recruitment websites to ascertain what aspects provided for the best user experience from a candidate’s perspective. We combined our findings to create the available positions facility on the new website. The new website was successfully launched on budget and following deployment, we instantly registered the site with the major search engines and social networks for maximum impact.

At the time of writing, the new website is ranking #1 for key phrases on Google’s search results pages.

Phase 4

Continue to perform

Since launching the new website we have continued to work with the client, creating a real-time website performance dashboard which presents key metrics visually and offers comparisons with previous timeframes. On-top of this, we have provided regular commentary on the data, bringing important insights to the client’s attention that may have otherwise been overlooked.

The new website continues to be a success with ever-increasing conversion rates for both new candidate registrations and client enquiries, currently measuring at 300% and 400% respectively.

At BBO we know that no business is an island.

Successful companies rely on effeective recruitment.

  • "I like Ri Web’s tailored monthly service and the fact that they took the time to understood our core business, growth objectives, and brand image, which they successfully replicated with the new website design.

    With our previous website leads were non-existent. Our website traffic has now more than trebled thanks to Ri Web.”

    Managing Director, BBO Recruitment

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