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Welcome to your 24 Month Website Plan


To plan and develop the best possible website for your business, we first need to get to know you. You’re the expert on what you do and who you do it for so we ask lots of questions to get a clear understanding of your:

  • USP

  • Target Market

  • Goals

  • Challenges

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Opportunities

  • Threats

  • Competitors

  • Industry

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Service Agreement

Based on our meetings and research, we produce a detailed plan of works including accurate timescales and milestones. Together with your personalised monthly investment plan, this forms your 24 month service agreement.

You can view a generic version here.

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Planning, architecture, & content

Planning & Architecture

We dissect the agreed brief to create:

  • Style Guide

  • User Journey

  • Site Architecture

  • Page Objectives

  • Content Priority Guides


You can provide us with your own copy and imagery, or if you prefer, we can provide any of the following services:

  • Copywriting

  • Copy Editing

  • Photographing

  • Image Sourcing

  • Graphic Design

Design & build

Page Designs

Utilising all of the documents prepared at the planning stage, together with the content, we create designs of each unique page of your website for both mobile and desktop experiences including any dynamic elements e.g. hover/click/scroll states. These designs are presented to you for feedback and ultimately sign-off.

Website Development

Your new website comes to life! We build your fully responsive website according to the approved designs including all required functionality. Your new website will be developed to look great and perform smoothly on all current versions of major devices and browsers. We also implement search engine-friendly redirects from any redundant URLs on your existing website to related pages on your new website.

Testing & Optimising

Testing & Optimising

Your new website is scrutinised and then optimised to ensure high performance and a bug-free launch across the following areas:

  • Page load speeds

  • Accessibility

  • Mobile-friendliness

  • Browser compatibility

  • Security

  • Search Engine Crawling

  • Social Media Sharing

Website Launch Icon Month 3 of your new website

Website Launch

Launch Time

Once your website has passed all of our testing measures, we agree a launch date with you. We recommend a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday launch to allow sufficient time for post launch works and any emergency bug-fixing.

Average industry time (x12 weeks) to design and build a website. If you need a website in a shorter time. No problem. We can deliver.

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Monthly monitoring & insights

Post Launch
  • Request crawl from Google

  • Share your new site across our networks

  • Record tutorial videos

  • Create analytical data dashboard

  • Provide Content Management System (CMS) access to you

  • Schedule biannual reviews

Biannual website reviews

Monthly Thereafter

Your website has successfully been launched. Our work doesn't stop. Each month over the duration of your 24 month contract we review and optimise the security and performance of your website. We closely watch your data dashboard to see how visitors are using the website. A monthly report is supplied to you with valuable insight into how your website is performing.

Month 6 of your new website icon Month 12 of your new website icon
Website Review & Refresh

A key part of our service to you is to ensure your website stays fresh and up-to-date. To achieve this, every 6 months we undertake a full review of your new website and ask:

  • Can the design be improved?

  • Are there any technological advances we could take advantage of?

  • Are there search engine algorithm updates we need to factor in?

  • Are there any legislative changes we need to be aware of?

We also analyse the data and investigate how your users have been interacting with the new website:

  • Is the planned user journey working?

  • Are any pages under/over performing?

  • Are any particular devices/browsers showing anomalies?

Next, we discuss our suggested improvements with you and should you wish for us to implement our suggestions, the cost of the works is included.

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Once your initial 24 month agreement comes to an end, we continue to support you and your website until you instruct us otherwise.

94% of our clients continue their agreements beyond the first 2 years.


Take a look at our case studies and see the results we continue to deliver for our clients.

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