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The Reading List II – 4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Favourite Book

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In January we asked four entrepreneurs to share their favourite book and how it had helped them in business for an article entitled The Reading List.

The resulting article proved so popular, we’ve decided to keep the series going.

It has also served the purpose of keeping me on course with my New Year’s Resolution which is to read more.

The latest book I’ve enjoyed has been Frank Bettger’s How Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling.  

It was recommended to me by business coach, David Haimes, and it’s already had a positive impact.

And that’s the idea behind this series. Namely, to find out where successful people like David draw inspiration and education from. So we can all do the same!

This article contains four more great entrepreneurs sharing their favourite book.

You will undoubtedly find something of interest in this list. Whether it acts to inspire, educate or motivate you, then Ri Web’s Reading List has succeeded.


Read one of the books below or got a suggestion of your own? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!   [bctt tweet=”Ri Web’s #ReadingList grows with another 4 successful entrepreneurs sharing their favourite book!” username=”Ri_Web_”] [vc_empty_space height=”65px”] 

Katrina Fox, Founder of Vegan Business Media 


Katrina Fox Founder of Vegan Business Media shares her favourite bookFeel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Susan Jeffers

My favorite book is Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers. It kick-started a whole new way of thinking and behaving for me.

One night in 2014 I woke up around 3am with an idea to write a book on how to start and grow a business and run it on ethical vegan principles. Initially my thoughts were that someone else would have already done it and better and who was I to undertake such a task. But, remembering the principles of Susan’s book, I felt the fear and did it anyway.

I had to get way out of my comfort zone to reach out to vegan entrepreneurs across the globe and announce the idea to my social media followers, family and friends.

I felt enormous pressure and fear and also excitement. The book – the first of its kind – came out in September 2015 and I had launches in London (UK), New York, and Sydney, Australia. Shortly before the book was due to come out, I started a blog providing success tips for vegan business owners and in January 2016 I launched the first podcast for vegan entrepreneurs called Vegan Business Talk.

 All this has enabled me to build my PR consulting and media coaching business, working with my ideal clients. I’ve now been invited to take part in the UK’s first ever vegan trade show in October this year. I’m still pinching myself.

Each time I’m about to do something that’s out of my comfort zone, I remember Susan Jeffers’ book and continue to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Adwoa Grier, Owner Adwoa Design


Adwoa Grier shares her favourite book with Ri WebJab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk

I consumed so many last year, by many great mentors.  If I had to choose a favorite that I was able to apply to my business, I would have to say Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk.

His no nonsense style caught me so off guard he immediately had my full attention.  The use of the boxing analogy in comparison to business was so easy to relate to.  He teaches patience, strategy, connecting with customers and most importantly expecting and embracing changes.

There’s no way you will fail to stand out if you apply his tactics in our noisy social world. [vc_empty_space height=”65px”] [bctt tweet=”Fantastic reading material for entrepreneurs in the latest Ri Web #ReadingList. Check it out!” username=”Ri_Web_”] [vc_empty_space height=”65px”] 

Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media 

   Shakira Brown shares her favourite book with Ri Web's Reading List Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want – Jay Conrad Levinson

Over the last year I have read (by read I mean listened to the audio book) Guerrilla Negotiating: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want by Jay Conrad Levinson FIVE times.

I plan to do it a few more times to get a handle on all of the methods shared in it.  Although not the newest book, it offers outstanding negotiating strategies that are timeless. It’s a must read for anyone responsible for selling for any business.

It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or service, this book is a road-map to increasing sales. I have already started incorporating some of the strategies into my own business with much success.

The book features magic selling questions which I now have saved in the notes App on my iPhone. When I am on a new business call, I keep this list open and methodically ask some of the questions.

By doing this I uncover far more information from prospects to vet them (I figure out if they are wasting both my time and their own) and prepare a proposal to meet their needs and my own. There is no question – careful use of the negotiating strategies outlined in the book will improve your success rate at selling.

*One last tip – I read (OK, listened) to over 10 books in the last year while getting ready in the morning and driving. Audio books are often free for download via your local library system. If not, they often have CDs still.  Listening to books is the best way to increase your knowledge base while maximizing your time. [vc_empty_space height=”65px”] 

Ben Walker, CEO of Transcription Outsourcing 

   Ben Walker Transcription Outsourcing shares his favourite book for the Ri Web Reading ListManaging by The Numbers: A Common Sense Guide To Understanding And Using Your Company’s Financials – Chuck Kremer and Ron Rizzuto with John Case

There are a lot of great business books out there, and the one I think helped me more than any other is Managing by The Numbers: A Common Sense Guide To Understanding And Using Your Company’s Financials by Chuck Kremer and Ron Rizzuto with John Case.

I took the necessary accounting classes in college and still didn’t understand my books as well as I do now.

Cash is king and if you don’t know your numbers you will run out of cash and that means you will run out of business too. [vc_empty_space height=”65px”] Read one of these books and want to share your opinion on it? Maybe you’ve got a suggestion of your own for the reading list. Let us know in the comments below and I’ll get straight back to you!
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