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Digital marketing trends that could shape your business

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Forecasting and analysing trends is a strategy businesses and marketers have been using for decades to stay ahead of competitors and predict consumer behaviours.

In 2017, due to advances in technology and the dynamic, evolutionary nature of consumer behaviour, new digital marketing trends have emerged that will prompt a change in how most businesses operate. Let’s take a look at some of the more influential of these trends that are becoming more apparent as 2017 draws closer to its halfway point.

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends

   Strategic content marketing on the rise:

Because of the versatility and robustness of content marketing, more companies are using it, and those companies already using it will use more in 2017 in an increasingly strategic way. Due to the success already recorded by those who’ve made use of content marketing in their business, you can be assured of more companies jumping on the strategic content marketing bandwagon. There will also be an increased focus on Measuring Content Marketing ROI. The cost of content marketing is getting higher and companies will need to determine over time if their investment is paying off or if they need to change strategies.

There is also a growing trend of more sophisticated, targeted content as applications have been developed to deliver the most relevant content to visitors in more concise formats.  [vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/6″][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″]Increased Appreciation of Marketing Automation:

This will include behavioural email marketing, web personalisation, and customer relationship management (CRM).

As with content marketing, many companies will look to improve their marketing automation. But as this happens, companies will strive to measure results from their use of automation, and, based on the results, they will evolve their use of the technology.   Mobile Marketing:

This includes an increase in mobile advertising and the development of more apps and websites that are compatible with mobile devices.

Because retail conversion rates are still significantly lower from visitors landing on a site via mobile devices, companies will attempt to improve the mobile user’s experience further. Smartphone users have already surpassed computer users when it comes to internet activity, so it doesn’t make sense that the retail conversion rate on smartphones is relatively lower. To counteract this, businesses will focus on where most potential customers are – smartphones, with the intention of offering them goods and services through their preferred means of internet surfing. This will be accomplished by adopting a more mobile responsive and adaptive web design, as well as  email templates designed to engage mobile users.

Another motivation for going mobile is the impact of mobile compatibility on Google rankings. Google has made it clear that its rankings will favour the more mobile friendly sites and this has led businesses to scamper to comply with the wishes of the search giant, offering sites that are mobile compliant.  [vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/6″][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″]Increase in the use of live videos:

Live video streaming has been getting a lot of attention across the internet, especially now that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all offer it.

Because of the amount of promotion that’s going into increasing the popularity of live video streaming, it is standing out in the already saturated world of online content. To take advantage of this highly interactive, engaging medium, more brands will begin making use of live video streaming to promote their products.

Businesses will move to better hosting and less and less will be on unreliable shared hosting platforms. In addition, cloud video storage companies are going to get more fashionable as all this rich media will need hosted on specialist heavy data serving technology. According to Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at www.umbrellar.com.   

“Some people will host their own videos, but it makes sense for people to use the Amazons of this word to lighten the load on the servers they are paying for and get a better price point for the data that they serve to their website visitors.”

   [bctt tweet=”Great article from Ri Web on the digital marketing trends to watch out for. #SmallBusiness” username=”Ri_Web_”]   Big data is gaining prominence:

Big Data isn’t new and has been in active use for some years now. But not many companies and marketers have found the optimal way to take advantage of it. But, as businesses gain maturity and expand their structures, we can expect to see them suddenly finding a vital role for big data.

Half way into 2017, the use of big data is already rising impressively. It has even been said to have played a vital role in deciding the winner of the US elections. According to some reports, Cambridge Analytica made use of big data to influence the outcome of both the US presidential elections and the UK’s Brexit election. Even if these reports aren’t entirely accurate, it still goes to show what businesses can accomplish with the proper wielding of big data.   

So now that you know the important trends to pay attention to in 2017, are you going to ignore them or use them to your advantage?


Why tracking and utilising trends is important to your business’ success


  1. Trends help a company forecast better: Forecasting is essential to the everyday running of a business because of the volatility and dynamism of the market environment – things can change in a second. With trend monitoring, you are better able to forecast possible changes and be positively proactive rather than negatively reactive.


  1. Tracking and monitoring trends positions your business to be a market leader: Keeping abreast of trends, especially before your competitors hear about them, puts you in a better position to innovate and deliver services that are in line with what’s trending for consumers. Staying with and ahead of the trends will make you a trailblazer and thus a market leader, rather than a follower or imitator.


  1. Trends can serve as an early warning system: Trends will indicate to you early the important signs of what might be wrong with your business. This will help you amend the aspects of your business that require improvement to match with what the competition are doing well or the changing market environment.


In summary, trends keep you ahead of the game and give you an opportunity to prepare for the future. With an eye on the trends, your business is always ready to evolve, and it is the flexible companies that will prosper in 2017, and long into the future…