Work Experience @ Ri Web- Freddie Spills The Beans

With my university degree coming to an end, I am really glad that I opted to take some time out of my studies during my Easter break to get involved with some work experience. I knew that engaging with the industry in a practical and hands-on approach would prepare me for life after university and build a solid foundation for when I seek full-time employment.

I contacted Ryan at Ri Web in February this year to discuss my university course and whether he would be able to offer me any work experience. I was really happy with Ryan’s enthusiasm towards my degree and the possibility of work experience, and I am extremely thankful that he’s allowed me to come in for my whole three-week break.

You hear of plenty of people going off to work experience and instead of gaining any valuable practice or understanding, they just end up making tea and coffee (something I managed to avoid for the first two weeks).

However, I became instantly involved with current projects and strategies, as well as being allowed to express my opinion and give input to most areas of their business. Some of the elements I have worked on whilst being at Ri Web include:



Working at Ri Web is my first experience of working in an office. I didn’t really know what to expect before I started and only had the stereotypes and clichés of office life to rely on, but my time at Ri Web has been really enjoyable and a valuable working experience.

As well as Ryan, the other colleagues have provided me with invaluable knowledge that will definitely help me throughout my transition from university to working life.


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