What to Expect from a Web Design Company

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Web designers have a bad rep. They’re normally perceived as vitamin-D deficient, lone operators who are not renowned for their communications skills.

The stereotypical web designer is not always the easiest to work alongside either. From a distinct lack of communication throughout projects to the lengthy time spans they attribute to seemingly small briefs, designers don’t help themselves and often alienate clients through poor service.

In the past, Riweb has taken over projects because the communication has stopped altogether.

So if a web designer has estimated that your project may take six months to complete, has failed to respond to your emails, or has dropped off the face of the earth, then perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.

After all, at a minimum, you should be able to expect to be kept up-to-date regarding your websites progress. Without consistent communication, you have no power, let alone creative direction, over the project and this often leads to problems.

This may seem a strange evaluation from a web design company, but the team here at Riweb pride themselves on being as far from your typical web designers as possible.

So What Can You Expect From Riweb’s Service?

Within all our projects we endeavour to create a website that truly reflects our client’s wishes.

Using the example of one recent, Riweb created, site that particularly stands out as evocative of the Riweb ethos as a whole: The Henley Tourism site, we would like to give you a brief overview of how we work.

A council-funded project, The Henley Tourism Site was subject to a limited budget and a comprehensive brief.

Initially, Riweb were competing for the contract with a number of larger firms. We eventually won the project based on our prior work for clients based in the local area and our passion for and knowledge of the town itself.

In regard to the brief, the site had to be simple enough for tourists to navigate yet also include updates for residents who would be regularly visiting it. The latter requirement meant that the site would need to be able to be changed and updated by those without Computer Science degrees.

Aesthetically, the site needed to be modern and visually appealing without losing the traditional values that Henley is renowned for.

Rather than forcing the council to stick rigidly to wireframes laid out at the beginning of the project, as some web designers do, we allowed for edits and suggestions to be made throughout the process.

Therefore we liaised with project manager- Peter McConnell, Henley’s Town Centre Manager- and conducted numerous meetings throughout to discuss and evaluate the evolution of the project.

This allowed us to efficiently adapt to the changing needs of the project and create a website that truly reflected the client’s needs.

The project, from quote to finish, was completed within three months. This timeframe allowed us to integrate every aspect of Peter’s brief into an ‘outstanding site’ and a user-friendly control panel that could be updated by the less tech-savvy- whilst also completing the project well within the deadline.

It also gave Peter time to evaluate what worked for the site. We understand that a sites needs are liable to change and we’re happy to make such changes as we go.

Now, you can view the finished site and decide whether or not you feel we met the brief effectively but the feedback from Peter, and the general public, has been resoundingly positive:

“It’s been a great experience working with Riweb they’ve been an excellent partner, very adaptable, imaginative and smart I believe they have created an outstanding site.” – Peter McConnell, Town Centre Manager- Henley-on-Thames

So for a modern approach to web design, feel free to view our portfolio and see what we can do for you. Then get in touch!