What is SEO?

SEO is that mythical thing that magically rolls a website straight to the top of all those important search engines page rankings.

SEO is the riddle of links and tags and metas and text and headers and keywords that equate to that desired number 1 spot.

SEO is the kryptonite of all those not in the know who so deserately crave the invitation into the cave of knowledge that only seems to be passed on and never taught.

But does ‘it’ have to be?

Put simply, optimising a website to appear high on the search engines pages is just a matter of research and development.


Search the words that you expect your potential customers to search – what or who appears first? Check them out, what are they doing that you are not? When it comes to SEO there are no secret codes, no tricks or magic but more like a lot of hard work and persistence. Have a look at the next 5-6 results, what do they have in common? What do they all appear to be doing?


Hopefully you found a few interesting things about those websites which rank so high and now is the time to fall fingers first into the world of SEO, try, try, fail and try again. The process is long and slow but hopefully by tracking your progress you will discover the answer to the riddle, destroy the kryptonite, uncover the myth and enter the cave.

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