How to Be Mobile-Friendly in Google’s Eyes


Google has put its foot down. In a bid for an improved, more streamlined, service the search engine giant will be ranking sites that are ‘mobile friendly’ higher in the search rankings from April 21st.

It is Google’s belief that this will result in users finding ‘higher quality results’ and as a business it’s in your interests to be considered among such results.

If you’re unsure whether your site is mobile-friendly according to Google’s terms- you can find out here. If Google gives your site the green light then good work, if it doesn’t then you may want to read on…

The fact is that many remain unsure exactly what is required of them. You could talk to two, reputable, web designers and be offered two seemingly similar services for making your website ‘mobile-friendly.’

These services include making your site: mobile-friendly and responsively designed.

Surely the logical choice would be to choose the designer offering the mobile-friendly service? But making your site mobile-friendly in the conventional sense wouldn’t actually allow you to pass Google’s rigorous ‘Mobile-Friendly Test.’

Essentially, a ‘mobile-friendly’ website is one that can be viewed on mobile devices but will appear much smaller forcing users to zoom in. Interestingly, despite Google’s use of terminology, having text that is too small will ensure your site fails the test.

In fact, we conducted a little test of our own and found that sites that professed to be ‘mobile friendly’ were criticised by Google’s test for a number of factors- other than just text being too small- including links too close together and the content is wider than the screen.

Essentially, Google expects your site to look perfect regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. This means the user doesn’t have to go to the extra effort of scrolling or zooming to navigate the site.

The answer is to get your website responsively designed. When your site is responsively designed, it automatically resizes itself based on the device it is being viewed on.

This will ensure your site is in Google’s good books and help you pass the ‘mobile-friendly test’ with flying colours.

Having put a few, Ri Web designed, websites through Google’s mobile-friendly test the answer we got was a resounding ‘Awesome.’

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