The Bryan Shetsky Interview

Bryan Shetsky is the CEO of Lamark Media Group, a leading digital marketing agency based in Florida.

Lamark Media Group is a full-service agency which specialises in creating both online and offline marketing campaigns in order to generate brand and product awareness, consumer engagement and accelerated customer acquisition.

Lamark’s clientele spans Fortune 500 companies, global advertising agencies, major retailers and many more. The company’s in-house software allows it to bring a unique approach to each campaign and deliver extraordinary results.

Marketers and small business owners alike could learn a lot from Bryan. In this article, we delve into the secrets behind his success, the campaigns he is most proud of, the business challenges he currently faces and how he plans to overcome them.

Bryan Shetsky

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Bryan and I am a father of a 17-month old baby boy, a husband of a beautiful wife and the CEO of Lamark Media, a full-service integrated digital marketing company based in South Florida.   You have a pretty unique philosophy in regard to treating marketing clients like a financial portfolio. Can you explain how and why this works?

While studying finance in college, I learned about portfolio theory as an intelligent strategy to maximize returns while managing risk. When I started working in the marketing industry, I was surprised to learn how segmented the channels were and that most companies use multiple agencies to perform different core competencies.

The problem, however, is that these unaffiliated service providers rarely communicate, nor do they share strategy or data to help other parties due to competition. To solve this issue, the idea of leveraging portfolio strategy for digital media was born. To truly be agnostic, we would need to have all the integrated practices in one place, separate in skillset but unified in strategy. This way, we can adjust budget allocation ongoing based on return, not supply. It wasn’t overnight, but now at 9 years old, we can deliver incredibly powerful results for clients who properly leverage our platform.

Tell us about one Lamark campaign you are particularly proud of.

One campaign that really stands out was a drive to retail campaign for a wellness product at a major retailer. This client came to us looking for help as their product was in jeopardy of losing its shelf space in over 7,000 locations across the country. With a limited budget, we had to build a highly efficient program that only reached prospects with the highest propensity to purchase. By leveraging a highly focused geo-targeted multi-channel strategy, we were able to increase store level sales systemwide by over 76% over a 16-week test program. The best part is that the brand is still carried in those same stores today.

What challenges do you currently face business-wise?

Process improvements as we continue to grow. With a business in an ever-evolving industry, there are a lot of factors that need to be balanced between hiring, leadership, client growth, company culture and many other important focal points that deserve attention, it has become more important than ever to continually invest time and resources into process-level improvements and continued refinement.

How are you going to overcome them?

Make improving process and maintaining efficiency a priority. Every new project is a learning experience and “auditing” performance as an ongoing practice has been a key part of our ability to adapt. Things that are working, solidify them. For the areas that need improvement, work with leadership to make changes that will best achieve results.

What’s the one hack you use that most are unaware of?

I live by my calendar. Staying on schedule and setting routines for productivity can be extremely helpful in achieving higher output without extending your hours. One major change was the addition of overflow and working time holds on my calendar; this allows me to immediately knock out follow up or stay on time in the case that a meeting runs over.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

There are several areas where I look for inspiration. First my family. Spending time with my wife and son reminds me of why I work so hard. Also, my mother is quite inspiring, as she is as 29-year brain cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to advocacy. From a business perspective, staying current with content from industry-specific and other innovation leaders in general. Also, I try to learn from my team as some of my specialists are more knowledgeable in micro-strategy and frequent interaction allows me to absorb like a sponge, continuing to feed my knowledge overall.

What do you see as the next big trend within digital marketing?

Multi-path integrated strategy. People are consuming media on more screens and more frequently than ever, so adapting your marketing strategy to account for the customer journey will be even more integral in generating results online. Consumers are becoming empowered with more choices, so delivering high-quality content that presents true value proposition to consumers with properly frequency will be key.

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