Ri Web Meets… Inca Accountants

Inca Accountants call themselves the ‘caring accountants’ and as their clients we’re pleased to say they live up to the slogan.

Far from your average accountants, Inca go above and beyond for their clients. They have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed as a small business and the company commits itself to making sure your business does just that through astute advice, business seminars and coaching sessions.

Don’t worry, they will keep your accounts in order too but what truly marks Inca out is that they go the extra mile for clients.

Still, it’s time to learn a little more about the caring accountants over at Inca, so we put their Director, Graham Carson, through the strenuous Ri Web Meets interview process.


*In May, Ri Web Director, Ryan, will be giving one such seminar on Getting Bigger Results From Your Small Business Website. Find out more here.    

Inca Accountant’s Elevator Pitch


“The caring accountancy company for small businesses and individuals in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

Our sole focus is working with small businesses (even if there’s just one of you) and private individuals. This means that the way we run our accountancy company, and the service we offer, is designed specifically around what you as a small business or individual may need.

We’ve created a unique accountancy experience for small businesses, where it’s ‘more than just the numbers.’

  • Money can be tight

Which is why we don’t charge you for email queries or advice over the phone. Plus our fees are always quoted upfront with the option of a monthly payment plan.

  • Your time is precious

We always answer the phone so you can talk to us when you find some time in your day. We won’t ever play hard to get or insist you fit in with our schedule.

  • Your financial situation may change from month to month

We offer and price our services in a ‘choose what you need’ way, rather than insist you take a fixed package. You can do some of your accounts yourself and only select the accounting and tax service you really need help with. As profits grow you can off-load more to us… or not, the choice is yours.

  • Your business is always important to us

We’re not too big or important to work with you. If you just need help with your self-assessment, or working out your capital gains tax, that’s fine. Our business is built on doing those things for individuals, sole traders and small limited companies.

  • You have to wear many hats

We can take care of your accounts (so you don’t have to be CFO) but we help with other aspects of running your business too. We run workshops and events on everything from marketing to productivity to how to negotiate higher fees.”


Inca Accountant’s Claim to Fame

   We’ve been awarded the prestigious Investors In People Silver Award, making us one of the top 5% of UK employers.

We are one of only 11 UK accounting firms to have the award. In 2012, we were asked by Oxfordshire County Council to run their start-up and prestart-up business advice service for the county under the auspices of the Oxfordshire Business Enterprises.    

Inca Accountant’s Dream Local Collaboration

   We’re already working with some amazing businesses in Henley, such as Ri Web and loving every minute of it!

We’d love to have a conversation with Screaming Frog, partly since they’re a marketing business and we help lots of other marketing businesses, but also because Graham used to work in their building in a former life.   With thanks to Graham Carson. If you would like to know more about Inca Accountants and their exceptional service, then visit their website.   

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