Ri Web Meets… Less Annoying IT

Wouldn’t it be nice if your IT was less frustrating?

Ri Web have used Less Annoying IT for some time now and the Henley-based company has succeeded in taking the pain out of our IT operation.

Few companies live up to their name, slogan and promises, but it’s safe to say that Less Annoying IT are one of the most aptly named enterprises we’ve encountered.

So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to the company and its Founder, Mark Feetham, in this edition of Ri Web Meets.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role and also boasts one of the coolest Claims to Fame we’ve had in the series.

If you’ve got any frustrations with your IT then it’s worth giving Less Annoying IT a call. For now, enjoy Mark’s Ri Web Meets!    

Less Annoying IT’s Elevator Pitch


Less Annoying IT ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ to quote Ronseal – we make your IT… less annoying!

We specialise in helping small business utilise technology that adds value to your business, brings efficiency and excellent customer and supplier interaction.

With over 18 years’ experience our customers tell us they like our knowledge, our plain English (no technobabble) and our efficiency. The highest compliment we’ve been paid by many customers is that they trust us.


Less Annoying IT’s Claim To Fame


I had to present to 400+ European Brand Managers at The Hague, directly after they’d listened to Bill Gates for an hour.

I started the presentation with ‘What did you think of the warm up act?’ 🙂


Less Annoying IT’s Dream Local Collaboration

   You mean apart from the awesome team at Ri Web?

Simply, anyone that’s frustrated with their phone, screaming at their screen, cursing the cloud… they’re who we want to work with We pride ourselves on restoring folks faith in technology – making the technology work for them and not the other way round as we often see. It’s such a great reaction when you see customers smiling because ‘IT. JUST. WORKS’.  With thanks to Mark for the interview. Learn more about Less Annoying IT visit their website.   

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