Redesigning Work Experience – Lucy’s Time At Ri Web

The Ri Web Team had the pleasure of welcoming Lucy on work experience during August. Here’s her take on what she experienced!   Heading into my 3rd year of Uni I thought it would be the prime time to get some work experience under my belt. Studying Graphic Communication I have experienced every aspect of design from branding and book covers to web and app design. My aim was to gain real experience in any of these fields as I was unsure where I wanted to go with my degree after graduation.   I contacted Ri Web assuming they were just a web design company. However I soon came to find out they don’t just design web pages but manage them, alongside social media, maintenance and strategic company service.   Ryan was the most enthusiastic out of all the companies I contacted to help me out. After exchanging a few emails we decided to have a meeting to discuss things in detail. He asked me about what experience I wanted to gain in this meeting which I thought was very personal. He wanted to make sure he was going to give me the most out of the experience. As I wasn’t massively interested in web design he suggested I could also do some logo design as this was my preference.   In the short time I worked with them I created a website pretty much from scratch using one of Ryan’s concepts. He gave me free reign of what I wanted and was always to hand if I needed advice. I didn’t expect this much responsibility but felt honoured that he trusted my judgement.   Alongside this, I came up with four logo concepts for another of Ryan’s companies and another three for a client. He and Charlotte made sure I had all the information I needed and wanted to produce the most suitable designs. I am looking forward to putting these in my portfolio as I am very proud of the outcomes I created.   Looking back I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work for such a small but successful company. All of the team were very accommodating with Henry even moving into the meeting room just so I could have space in the office and Tom making sure I always had a coffee! I have gained invaluable experience and confidence from Ri Web in myself as a designer and wish them all the luck in the future to grow and take over the world!­­   

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