How to Increase Your Online Sales

online sales

Let’s face it, the primary goal of business is to make money. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small e-commerce site or a global retail giant, your finances are of paramount importance to keeping your business healthy and successful.

In today’s world, if you’re not making money through your online channels you’re missing out. So in this article, we’ll focus on how to start/make more online sales for your business.

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Transform Your Website

Chances are high that your website provides your customers with the first impression of your business. If it looks outdated, unappealing or is hard to navigate, your visitors will click away from your site and buy products from your rivals. If you want to increase your conversion rate, contact a professional website design agency to encourage visitors to become customers.

Write Honest Copy

Modern customers aren’t stupid, and they can see through marketing lies. You must therefore strive to be as honest as possible in your sales copy, as it will encourage trust in your products, services and brand. If you make claims you can’t back up, you will only disappoint your customers, which will discourage loyalty and word of mouth recommendations. So, write clear straightforward and helpful copy that does what it says on the tin.

A Sense of Urgency

In addition to publishing honest, clear copy on your website, you must also aim to create a sense of urgency within your copy, as it will encourage visitors to invest in your products or services. Visitors often respond to incentives, which can develop urgency, as they might want to take advantage of a limited-edition product or a special offer. You could even encourage customers to make a purchase right away by providing a discount code or free shipping for one day only.

Lookalike Audiences

Did you know Facebook allows businesses to engage with users who are like their current followers? Utilise the social media data acquired on your existing customers to follow people who are similar to them by targeting lookalike audiences.

A lookalike audience will therefore share your current followers’ characteristics and online behaviours. You can then upload the relevant data to cross-reference the social media platform’s own date to find users who match the data, so you can engage with a new audience who are more likely to engage with your brand and buy your products and services.

Prevent Cart Rate Abandonment

According to Business Insider, trillions worth of online merchandise are abandoned in online shopping carts every year. It is therefore essential to focus on the user experience to avoid abandoned shopping carts, which could impact your annual profit margin. So, aim to reduce friction during the checkout process to encourage visitors to convert. So, avoid unnecessary, lengthy form fields and prevent forcing them to start from the beginning.

Provide Multiple Payment Methods

While some visitors might be happy to pay via credit card, others will prefer to use different payment methods, such as PayPal, ApplePay, Stripe and Google Wallet. The more payment methods you provide, the greater the likelihood a person will buy products or services from your website.