How To Reduce Your Email Unsubscription Rate

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Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers. This is especially true if you have found a way to make your marketing life easier via automation. A newsletter that is sent to your customers or potential clients’ email on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to keep them updated about your business, newly featured products, and so much more.

However, with subscribers also come unsubscribers. Sure, you’re likely to have a few unsubscribers with each new newsletter, but it’s important to keep an eye on just how many.

For example, a rate of less than 2% unsubscribers is acceptable in most industries. It is therefore crucial that you monitor your unsubscription rates. If you notice that your unsubscription rates are rising to more than 2%, then this should set alarm bells ringing in your head. If you take the time to understand why your subscribers are opting out of your e-mail marketing then this may give you the chance to improve your strategies and find out how to make them stay.

Here are 10 tips you can use to reduce your unsubscription rates and make your e-mail marketing more effective.

Segment your contact list

Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. If you’re getting content you don’t really need or care about, then what’s the point of subscribing? Better segmentation of your contact list will help you deliver only relevant content that fits a particular group of people. Use a reliable and effective e-mail management platform that will help you separate people according to geography, gender, purchase history, age, and more.

Originality is key

Try to create an e-mail marketing solution that will show your customers and potential clients what your business is all about. Provide valuable content—something they will find useful, such as advice, how-to lists, infographics, and more. This will make your e-mails more appealing compared to just flooding their inboxes with product promotions. If you deliver high-quality content, then people will stay with you and who knows, they might even be willing to pay for more.

Offer exclusive content

This goes hand-in-hand with offering exclusive content. Always remember that to keep your clients hooked, you must give them a reason to be. By offering discounts, exclusive sales, rebates, etc., you are giving them a reason to stay by providing valuable and exclusive perks they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Even if they haven’t bought anything in a while, you can be sure that they are just waiting for good deals.

Send e-mails frequently and consistently

Nothing is more annoying than the erratic arrival of e-mails. Utilising an e-mail management platform will help you schedule your e-mail send outs on a more regular basis. If your customers expect it to be daily, then do so; if it’s weekly, then make sure to deliver. Be consistent but be sure not to overdo it—nothing screams desperate more than flooding their inboxes.

Accessibility and availability

Another reason why your clients may unsubscribe from your e-mails is that they simply cannot access it. Account for a variety of users using a variety of e-mail clients. Using HTML and plain text formats will ensure that all your clients will be able to view the e-mail you sent.

Reduce E-mail loading time

Remember that not all subscribers are the same. Some may be really interested in what you have to say while some may have just enough time to give your e-mails a cursory glance. That being said, nothing will ensure unsubscription more than slow-loading e-mails. Check how your e-mails are loading in different e-mail clients. Do not include large images that will take time to load nor those that will appear pixelated on mobile devices.

Optimize them for Mobile Devices

Just like what was mentioned above, don’t forget to make your content accessible across all platforms. This is especially true for mobile platforms since a lot of us now use smartphones to access our e-mails. If your clients do not always have access to laptops or desktops, then you will be losing a big chunk of your subscribers. Make your content accessible on-the-go, and you will be sure to retain more of your subscribers.

Never forget about attention-grabbing subject lines

This is a well-known marketing strategy: capturing the attention of your potential clients and customers rely heavily on how interesting your ads are. The same principle applies in e-mail marketing. If your subject lines are too general and non-descriptive, then you can be sure that they will just keep erasing your e-mails without even looking at it. Use your subject lines to give your customers a preview of what’s inside, and not just selling what’s there.

Confirm unsubscriptions

Occasionally, there may be instances where a customer is lost due to accidental unsubscription. Set up an email auto responder for your unsubscribers. This will help your customer to easily re-subscribe to your list without losing any time. In the event that they did unsubscribe, this also serves as a second chance for them to re-join your contact list.

Take feedback from un-subscribers

If a customer decides to unsubscribe from your e-mail list then reach out and try to find out why they are unsubscribing. Keep your feedback forms short with tick boxes enumerating the reasons why they are unsubscribing. This will give you a general idea of what went wrong and you can utilise this data to improve your e-mail marketing strategies.

Employ these tips and keep your customers engaged and interested in your e-mails. Good luck!


This was a post by Masroor. Masroor works for Invesp Marketing, a conversion optimization company that helps online businesses in improving the overall conversion rate of their websites. You can also follow Invesp on Youtube for latest webinars on conversion optimization.