Five Ways to Create Great Brand Exposure


Creating great brand exposure results in a significant boost to the amount of traffic going to your website.

Increasing your traffic can help to boost your sales.

By enacting solely point 3 on this list we doubled our traffic in just two months. The result? A boost in enquiries and sales.

So use this list to start creating great brand exposure to maximise those sales channels:

Run a competition

Running a competition can be invaluable to a brand. Not only can you gain exposure, you can also use regular or one-off competitions to showcase new products and services.

Even if your product or service isn’t applicable as a competition prize as long as the prize you do use is related to your niche you can ensure that the audience who engage with the competition will be interested in your product or service.

For example, if you operate a menswear shop make sure the prize is an item of clothing for men. If you offer a smartphone- you will end up with people who are interested in tech and not men’s fashion entering.

The data you capture from the competition, whether it’s in the form of entrants emails, Facebook information or Twitter handles, can then be used to retarget entrants with new offers.

Why not read our 10 Steps to Running a Champion Online Competition for comprehensive advice on running an online competition.


Gaining your clients trust is incredibly important, but it’s also something extremely difficult to achieve.

Interestingly, research from business intelligence firm Nielsen found that 92% of people trust a recommendation by a friend or family over traditional forms of advertising. In second place for trustworthiness was online customer reviews which 70% of consumers indicating that they trusted this form of media.

You might believe that reviews are beyond your control, but have you considered asking clients to review your services or provide a testimonial upon an online review site?

Sites like Google +, Yelp or Trip Advisor can be immensely useful depending on the industry you operate in.

Write a Blog

Writing a blog within your niche can be extremely helpful in two respects:

  • It will drive traffic to your site
  • You can appear an authority in your field

At Riweb, we doubled the traffic to our website in three months simply by creating and distributing quality blog content.

It’s not solely about writing the content. In fact, it’s probably more important how you market it and with research anyone can create a thriving blog.

Luckily for you, we documented how we did it in this article, so feel free to utilise our ideas.

Interact With Your Audience

This applies to all of the above points. Got a bad review on a site like Trip Advisor? Use your account to respond to it and perhaps, if the customer is right, offer them a deal to apologise. It’s also incredibly good to see brands who respond to positive reactions; it effectively humanises them.

In regard to your blog, people may have a question or query regarding something in the text and it can help you to be perceived as an authority if you can answer it quickly and correctly.

Explore New Social Networks

You can help increase your brand’s exposure by disseminating your content across different social networks.

This was a point we highlighted in our How Ri Web Doubled Website Traffic article. But I feel too many businesses are content to just operate on the minimum amount of networks.

So have a look at which social networks would suit your business best. Something we’ve previously written about- view our findings here.

Don’t be scared to explore platforms that don’t seem to suit your business, each network has an individual network by placing yourself upon a lot of them you are greatly increasing you’re brand’s exposure.