How To Strengthen Your Domain Authority


Google is all-powerful, and their consistent algorithm updates can prove confusing for small businesses who are trying to optimise their website for search engine purposes. Luckily, whilst Google can afford to be obscure about their updates, there are plenty of experts out there to put them into Layman’s Terms. The most prominent comes in the form of a company called Moz- a software company focused on inbound marketing. Moz have created a scale to help measure a website’s domain authority (DA). The higher your DA, the better you will fare in Google’s search results; it’s as simple as that.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a logarithmic scale developed by Moz. Domain Authority ranks from a scale of 0-100, 100 being the highest score, and illustrates how well a domain or a website is doing on search engines. DA is based on more than 40 factors including: moz rank, moz trust, social signals, linking domains, backlinks, traffic, search engine friendliness, and of course, quality content. A strong DA means more visibility, audience reach, traffic, and thus, conversions for your brand.

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing has positioned itself as a crucial player in strengthening domain authority. So, if you are looking for an effective and efficient way to improve your Domain Authority, then it’s time to place your focus on quality content development.

So Why Content?

The first thing to remember is that it’s not merely content that matters, but rather quality content. The reason why quality content is a crucial factor in DA relates to the fact that the higher the quality of content = the more useful it is to a user. Let’s explore deeper, and take into consideration 5 of the more prominent factors influencing DA:

  1. Moz Rank: Mozrank performs on a scale of 0-10 (you want 10!) and is influenced by quality backlinks. Even if you have 100000 links from poor quality sites, Moz will rank you lower than a site with a few links from quality sites. Thus, by developing and promoting high-value content you can receive high value backlinks and concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. Take note, the content which is surrounding your link is much more important than the anchor text.
  1. Moztrust: Moztrust evaluates your networking. It seeks out your connections and proximity to trusted sites, and rewards you for linking and ‘socializing’ with them. If you are frequently linked to and mentioned by websites with high domain authority, then you will quickly see an improvement in your own SEO.
  1. Linking Root Domains: Linking Root Domains count the number of websites linking to your site. This is how it works. An article with multiple backlinks under one domain will be counted as one backlink from that domain. This doesn’t mean however, that it is useless to post multiple times on one website. If the website is a high rated domain, your content and backlink will derive targeted traffic, indirectly delivering you some well deserved authority points, and thus, higher DA.
  1. Social Signals: Social signals are the total number of likes, shares, tweets, and other engagement your content receives on social media sites. Once your content gathers social signals, Moz picks up the signals and considers your content useful or helpful, and deems it worthy of a reward, or to be considered authority.
  2. Age With Grace: Just like good cheese, sometimes there is nothing more to do than let it age with time. Domain Authority is also strengthened with age. As your website ages, it grows with links, social signals, and of course high quality content. If you want to age with grace, quality content is a must. It will optimize the results of all your efforts in an efficient and effective manner.

Simply put, if you create content, make it quality. High quality content will generate backlinks and more importantly, it will do so from authority websites and search journals. It will also increase your web of networks and connections, placing you as an authority figure in the eyes of Moz.

While quality content may be the single most effective tool for improving your DA, we must not forget that quality content cannot market itself. You need a powerful marketing strategy that can increase visibility, reach, and traffic to your high quality content.

Moreover, while quality comes first, quantity does not fall far behind. In reality, quality and quantity need to work together. A strong content marketing strategy requires a large number and variety of quality content to reach out to authority sites. With this approach, you can effectively strengthen your authority and increase your DA.

Author: Gohar Shahinyan

Creative Digital Marketing Strategist

Gohar Shahinyan works with iNexxus, an in-house digital marketing agency. In addition to expanding her horizons at iNexxus, Ms. Shahinyan is continuing her passion for independent writing by guest blogging on various digital marketing sites.