How To Convert Clients Online

Increase online conversion

How would you like to double your money while halving your marketing effort?

What if you were told that focussing on a few simple devices that increase conversion rates would allow you to smash your current revenue tenfold?

Sound like the kind of thing you want to read about?

Below is a list of our favourite studies which show you how to hack conversion rates to attract and convert more leads than ever before!

Speculate to accumulate

Take time to consider who your ideal customer is. Try to identify what that person is like and make assumptions about their interests and behaviours.

If you can do that, then you can produce top-quality marketing content to turn them into your customer.

Many of you will know that the perfect place to drill down into your ideal customer persona is on Facebook.

Facebook Ads is built around marketing relevance. The higher your relevance score, the higher your click-through rate and subsequently your conversion rate.

AdEspresso produced a study that concludes that as the relevance score of an ad increases, the click-through rate also increases. When this happens, the cost-per-click decreases.

The likelihood of your ad attaining a greater number of impressions depends on how relevant it is to an audience.

AdEspresso recommends trying to identify specific pain points that your ideal customer would likely face which you should refer to in your marketing content. This will help to improve your relevance score.

Where relevance is high, the exposure is greater still and so the cost-per-click goes down because it impacts Facebook’s willingness to display the ad in people’s news feeds.

In this way, your marketing effort is lessened because more people will see it and the output is increased.

But you still have to walk the walk…

Reviews Create Previews

Allowing reviews can be high risk if your product isn’t up to scratch.

Despite this, they usually do more good than harm.

They allow customers to be transparent about your product and openly express their opinions.

Such transparency instils trust in others who read the reviews. Trust leads to conversions.

Without reviews a business can appear unused, perhaps with something to hide or worse, untrustworthy.

Take a look at this image by who created a heat map of the Google results page showing just how effective starred reviews are in attracting activity and engaging people’s attention versus those without such reviews:

The use of starred reviews is rife throughout the world of e-commerce where businesses and retailers want honesty and openness to help prove the quality of their product or service in order to convert more customers. found that starred reviews can boost your conversion rates by as much as 35%!

Utilising them for your own business will help you to convert even more people, particularly now that a #1 ranking on Google is becoming harder and harder to achieve.

Make sure that your product offering is strong and your customers are happy, then let the stars work their magic!

The Power of Social Proof

No one wants to feel that they are making buying decisions alone.

Similar to the use of review stars, buyers want to rest assured that they have selected a ‘tried and tested’ vendor who is proud to show off its customers.

Social proof is a way of showing your prospects the customers who have come before them.

Psychologically this reduces uncertainty and hesitation when the consumer is in the buying process.

Neil Patel’s CrazyEgg website is exemplary when it comes to making the best use of social proof.

Take a look at their checkout page to see how it’s used as a reassurance device at what is perhaps the most pivotal point along their sales pipeline:

The more people that are aware of your business and your product, the far more likely it is that they will buy from you, and continue to do so in the future.

Make people brand aware.

Say ‘Hi’ then ‘Buy’

Welcome emails are a great way to hook people in and lead them on a stroll through Conversion Park.

The reason is this: welcome emails have an extremely high open rate and click-through rate in comparison to other emails.

Experian found that open rates are as high as 57.8% and click-through rates for welcome emails are 14.4%.

That’s an of increase 43.2% in open rates and 11.7% in click-through rates when compared to other types of emails.

Spend time crafting your content in these emails by way of introducing your business and establishing a relationship with your new customer. After all, they’re willing and are already financially committed to you.
Welcome emails create a key opportunity to generate more revenue so it’s paramount that you utilise this chance for more opens and clicks to make extra sales.
Other than just saying ‘hello’, which is an opportunity missed, you should be offering a discounted product or special offer for signing up.

Welcoming in this way can quickly become a chance to make another sale. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to extract some more revenue out of your new and already willing customers.

As ever, be sure to measure your outcomes and try different approaches to tweak what works best.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Conversion

Any football fans out there might remember the apparently enlarging fluorescent orange jersey worn by goalkeeper Petr Čech in his Premier league days with Chelsea FC.

Similarly to the imposing effect that Chelsea were aiming for, online marketers have toyed with different colours to make their content more appealing and memorable.

The Von Restorff effect maintains that the colours which are most isolated by our eyes are likely to be the most memorable, these being the colours which ‘stick out’ the most.

Making the best use of colour in this way is particularly important when designing your Call To Action (CTA).

You should be dictating where visitors to your website are looking and where they should turn their attention.

Manipulating the colour spectrum will go a long way to helping your CTAs to stand out, further guiding and developing your conversion process.

Consider the colour scheme of your website and be bold!

Face up to Conversion

Nice website! Shame about the boat race…

Cockney slang aside, when it comes to online marketing and boosting your conversion rate, it’s all about the face.

You see, people like to buy from people. As communal creatures, we like to identify with others.

In the same way that we want to see social proof of customers before us and the starred reviews that they left behind, faces are another important image that attract would-be customers.

In particular, it’s a person’s eyes that we are drawn to.


Through analysing human reactions to illustrations of other people and the direction that the depicted was looking in, the researcher Giovanni Galfano concluded that “the orienting of attention mediated by gaze and arrows can be considered as strongly automatic.”

That’s a very nice way of saying that using a picture of someone’s face has a profound effect on where we focus our attention when we look at it.

It’s a great way of guiding traffic towards your CTA and further along your route to conversion.

Think of it like a “hey! Look this way!”.

A similar effect can be achieved with arrows which, again, direct your gaze and create a path for your line of sight, right towards your CTA.

Grab your Content by the Horns!

Active words are more effective than passive words.

It’s important that your content has a high impact on people and makes them more engaged.

Kissmetrics found that employing such changes on your website can lead to a 93% increase in click-through rate.

You could be getting almost two times the number of click-throughs than your website is currently generating, all through some simple tweaks to the language of your content.


Make people feel secure in their buying decision.

Leave them with no doubt about the decision to make.

With these conversion tactics employed together, you can help to make the decision for them pushing your revenue higher and higher.