Get to Know Your Traffic! Understand Your Analytics!

Everyone who has a website for business MUST be using Google Analytics. Not doing so is like investing in a shop and having no idea if anyone ever goes in!

Google Analytics is full of extremely useful information relating to the traffic to your website -how much, when, where from etc.

Again, if you’re not currently reviewing this important data, sign-up for Google Analytics NOW, it’s free!    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to explain what a few of the basic metrics mean: 

This post has only covered the basics but hopefully I’ve given you enough of an understanding to at least feel comfortable looking at your analytics and understand the info provided. I’ll be sure to create a more in-depth article in the future. To get posts like these sent directly to your inbox, simply sign-up below -it’s free!   Enjoy this? Get digital marketing and entrepreneurship advice straight to your inbox!   I also suggest you check out these articles:

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