A Few Good Reasons You Need A New Website

You have a business, but you don’t have a website? Maybe you have a Facebook page and believe that serves as enough of an online presence, because you’re a small business, or a new one, and think that having a website is a luxury expense that you cannot afford to incur in the running of an already lean operation.

Well, the unfortunate truth is that you have been, and currently are, losing out on great opportunities for your establishment.

It’s that simple.

Today most people are using google maps to find a place or number and not the directory. If your business isn’t listed, then you won’t be seen.

Ironically, owning a website might be an ultimately cheaper investment for a small business if you do it right.

Your website can serve as an information hub so customers can learn as much as they want about your service before contacting you; meaning you’re less likely to spend valuable time and resource on people ‘just browsing’.

You won’t need to spend as much on printing fliers, brochures and catalogues. Your website serves as a digital brochure, with information about what you offer that can also be updated in real-time.

With 66% of shoppers researching a product online and 81% saying they visited a store because of an online experience, your website is the 24-hour member of your sales team that doesn’t ask for overtime.      

Accessible before opening hours and long after the doors shut, it speaks for you when you’re not there, to people you have not met. Especially handy if you change the location of your store and need to communicate this to your customers.

Owning a website also puts you ahead of the competition if they don’t have one, and levels the playing field if they do. Either way, it is fair to say it is a win-win situation.

But what if you don’t own a business and you’re an employee like any other? Well, having a personal website is slowly becoming the trend; and regular Joes or Janes with regular 9 to 5s are getting one, so why not you?

A personal website is especially ideal for people in the creative industry. A fantastic way to promote yourself and your work, you can reference it as a portfolio. Think of your website as your resume, and not only will you be easier to find by prospective employers, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

A personal webpage does not only solve the need for promotion, whether as a business or a person, owning your website allows you to control what is said about you – there isn’t a celebrity today that does not have a webpage in their name.


Friends and families have also begun to build websites around staying in touch, or remembering loved ones, like the Snyder family that built a website in honour of their late father, an American football fan. The site has grown and has now become a memorial page for other families’ deceased relatives that are also fans.

These days, owning a website is pretty easy. You don’t need to know about web hosting, how to code or any other term you may have heard bandied about that made you anxious. You can be as involved or as removed from the process as you feel comfortable with, because now there are many affordable web design agencies that can get the job done for you. Creating a website is a fairly streamlined process. You won’t need a lot of tech prowess but you will need a domain name to get started.

Once you settle on a name for your page, you can either get to work designing it, or hire an agency for a small fee to do all the heavy lifting. Companies like Freeparking offer cheap website hosting and the average digital marketing firm offers a service that covers everything from web design and search engine optimization, to pay per click management, and content strategy. You don’t have any limitations.

As a business owner, you need to know where your current and potential customers are, and in today’s modern world where 90% of smartphone owners say they use their device to surf the web, majority of them can be reached online.

There are well over 1 billion websites worldwide, and counting, so for some people, your website is the first impression they’ll have of you, it is for first foot forward, so make it your best foot.

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