Genius Entrepreneurship Advice From MENSA Member Catherine B. Roy

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Catherine B. Roy is considered a genius. I don’t use the word lightly, but aside from being recognised with a Top 30 Under 30 Young Leaders in the World Award she’s also an award winning artist and scientist, as well as a published author, member of MENSA and The Wellness Universe.

The founder of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind” community, Catherine’s ‘uplifting’ work has assisted countless individuals across the world, helping to solve problems and infuse their lives with hope, energy and success. She’s an inspiring entrepreneur, so let her interview be your motivation:

Why did you start your own business?

I needed my own space and a special platform through which I can express myself and share with people the incredible life lessons and enlightenment I have discovered and learned.  This I am doing in order to help them positively change their lives as I have changed mine–from the ordinary to extraordinary!

How long did you consider starting a business before doing so?

I was writing the Live from Your Heart and Mind book without even knowing that it was going to be the start of my new way of living. In just few months my social networks increased so much, people were just coming and coming and they were interested in LHM so much that I started to write articles and publish on very high visited portals like Simple Reminders, The Wellness Universe, and Guided Mind. Wherever I send my material, it was published, so I knew that I am on to something and that I need to create more.

Did you jump straight in? Or was starting a business a gradual process?

It has been a gradual process, and one requiring hard work, dedication and commitment!

What’s the best advice you have received so far?

It was after one conference in 2006. The woman organizer wrote it on a piece on paper and gave it to me:

“Get out of your shell and show the world who you really are and what you can do.”

I needed almost 10 years to begin following her words. And sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had started that very day. But a few very important things I have learned from a very good friend of mine are:

“Everything will happen in its own time. It is most important that every day you give more value. Nothing was built in one day.”

So, I needed time to grow inside, to build and develop myself, and discover in myself the same qualities she saw in me 10 years ago.

How has running your own business changed your life?

I am very busy accomplishing things of great and lasting value and really enjoying it!

When starting your business what were some of the initial problems you encountered & how did you overcome these?

I don’t see anything as a problem but just as a situation which I need to solve and overcome.

What are the most crucial lessons you have learned along the way?,

Trust yourself, otherwise nothing will happen.

Is there anything you would have done differently?


Is there a particular trait that you feel is important for entrepreneurs to have?

Courage and a positive belief in self are the most important.

In your opinion, what’s been your greatest success story so far? How did it come about?

Perhaps my greatest success story is when I was awarded as one of the most successful young leaders in the world. However, I don’t like to live in the past. So I anticipate that my greatest success will be when I publish my book Live from the Heart and Mind. For now, though, I am busy looking for an agent or publisher who will understand LHM and will make the impossible possible!

You can see more of Catherine B. Roy ‘s project here and it’s worth tweeting her about the article too.

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8 Replies to “Genius Entrepreneurship Advice From MENSA Member Catherine B. Roy”

  1. Incredible advice! Thank you so much for sharing this interview. It gave me strength to carry on with my own passion.

  2. This interview highlights Catherine’s outstanding intellect, yet she is an individual who is as equally outstanding in matters of the heart. Her insights and advice about becoming an entrepreneur are encouraging and solid. I am inspired by her leadership and genuine love and compassion for all of humanity. Lovely interview, thank you! Estelle

    1. Hi Estelle, Really glad you liked the interview. I agree with you that Catherine affords more than just outstanding intellect; to get the full measure of her we would have probably had to dedicate the e-book specifically to her! Thanks for your comment, Henry

  3. Catherine is a brave soul on top of her intelligence. It takes a lot of devotion and courage to stand up and fight for the values which will make a world better place to live in, realizing we are all one and we are all connected.

    1. It definitely does Boris. If you appreciate people who like to make a real difference it’s worth checking out our interview with Pete Bailey of Fail Forward and Oli Monks of BagSee. They’re both involved in some cool social and charitable projects. You’ll find them both in the featured section!

  4. I know Catherine well. And her words here ring true. Where she says, “Courage and a positive belief in self are the most important.,” a simple but powerful truism rings indisputably forth. For Catherine has boundless courage and positive belief in her own self. And for this, she is an indelible inspiration to the rest of us!

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