How To Create A Content Marketing Workflow


Content marketing is quite possibly the most important aspect of business in this day and age. It’s everywhere; it’s inescapable and, if used properly, it will drive your business to new levels of success.

However, if you’ve ever been in charge of managing the content creation process, you’ll know exactly how time-consuming and long-winded it can be. Even just publishing one piece of content.

The best way to create perfect content is by following a workflow. This is the process you follow to create your content and all the steps between. Here’s how to optimise said workflow for optimal results.

Define the Purpose of Your Content

It’s physically impossible to write good pieces of content consistently if you haven’t defined the purpose of each individual piece. When you’re generating ideas for your blog, you must be addressing a certain theme.

This could be educating somebody, promoting your product or service like Cite It In, promoting your business, sharing a common theme or addressing a problem with a solution. Whatever your purpose is, make sure that it’s clear in your mind before, as and after you write.


Preparing to Create Your Content

Before you start actually writing and creating your content, there’s a bit more prep work that needs to be done. This means searching out how you can make your article the best it can. You’ll need to search out accurate keywords, such as the ones found at Academadvisor, that you can use in your article which helps boost its SEO ranking.

This is a service that can be automated, so you can automatically have a list of keywords ready to use at all times, no matter when that content request comes in. You can also use tools like Easy Word Count to define and then monitor the length of your post, making sure you hit the SEO recommendations and provide your readers with enough valuable content.   Creating Your Content

Now comes the difficult part which shouldn’t be so difficult now that you’ve done all the organising. Now is the time to actually convey your message through your content. Be sure that your content is of a high-quality, for example, in terms of grammar, which you can check by using tools like UK Top Writers.

If you doubt your writing skills or simply don’t have the time to invest in a high-quality piece of content, don’t risk writing a low-quality piece. Instead, you can use a copywriting service such as Ri Web’s blogging service.

Deciding Your Distribution Channels

Don’t worry; we’re nearly ready to start writing. However, you’re going to want to identify which channels you’re going to broadcast your new content on. What’s good for Instagram isn’t necessarily going to be good on Facebook. You can use resources like Essayroo to check your ideas and match them to the right channels.

By defining the most effective channel, you’ll also be able to have all the information you need to write your content accurately for your target audience. For example, if you’re writing for somewhere Big Assignments, you’re going to want to target your content at students, so Instagram may be your best bet since more young people use it.

Perfect & Optimise

When your content has been finished, it’s time to perfect your content, so it’s ready for publishing. This means checking it over to make sure there are no mistakes or issues with it and that it reads well and conveys the message that you want it to convey.

This means editing and proofreading your content, using tools like Assignment Help and Australian Help respectively, to guarantee that level of perfection that you need.

Once you’re happy with it, be sure to add in any images you have to accompany the content, give it one last check over and publish it through your distribution channels, being sure to monitor it and its statistics, so you know where to improve.

Creating content doesn’t have to be the daunting and overwhelming task that everyone makes out that is it. With careful planning, organisation and a well-followed automated content workflow, you can be sure that you’ll give your content and your business the maximum amount of opportunities to succeed.

Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and a blog proofreader at Boomessays. She regularly contributes articles to Semrush and Revieweal blogs.