How to Create Amazing Photos for your Blog

Many elements make up a good blog. You need a good subject to write about, an interesting niche within that topic, and great content. Any one of these can spoil your blog if it isn’t handled correctly.

Content, in particular, is what stimulates your readers to return time and again, so you need to make sure that it is always worth their effort.

Part of having good content is the photos that you add to the post. The visual aspect is essential and can be a good hook to draw the reader into the story.

So how can you create amazing photos for your site?

Website Limitations

Before you decide on taking high-quality images, make sure your web host allows you the web space. Some plans have a limit on the space allowed, so if you use a lot of that with images, you will soon run out of capacity. Sites such as Smart Hosting offer a range of plans so you can decide which is best. They also offer UK WordPress hosting which can be very useful if that is your site builder of choice.

Don’t rely on Stock Photos

There is a temptation to use stock photos in your blog posts because that is the easiest thing to do. You might have had a very good idea for a post, but you haven’t got any photos of your own to add. While stock photos are good, they are also generic and used by a lot of other bloggers. You want your content to stand out and be different from the rest, so take a couple of your own photos to add to your story.

The other reason to avoid stock photos if possible is the creative commons license they often have. If you are trying to earn money from your blog, it might contradict the non-commercial aspect of that license.

Customizing your Images

If you are capturing your own photos, you should think about adding words or your blog web address to them. That way, if your image or post is shared, people will know where to go to see more. There are some useful apps and software that can add these details for you. You can, of course, use Photoshop, but if you struggle with the artistic side of things, then sites such as Canva can let you create your images free of charge if you don’t use their stock images.

Take Pictures

It might sound obvious, but take pictures of interesting subjects; even if you do not need them right now. They can always come in useful at a later date, and it prevents you from having to go out when you don’t have the time.

You do not need to have a fancy camera or zoom lenses; your mobile is fine, just keep your eyes open for any opportunity.

With so many blogs out there, you need something that stands you out from the rest. A good photo and a catchy post could make all the difference.

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