Can you make money from blogging?

Blogging has become a massive hit among people all over the world. Every subject you can imagine now has at least one blog devoted to it. However, most bloggers do it for the fun and pleasure they get sharing ideas and tips on their chosen subject.

  That being said, there are some bloggers striving to make blogging more than just a hobby. They’re focused on making money and devoted to make it their full-time source of income. So how can you make money with your blog?

   Website Views

  If you want to make money blogging, you need to put in the hard work first. Creating good content that brings in the readers is the best way to get noticed. The more views you get and the higher up the search results you climb, the more likely it is that companies will approach you.

You might not get big brands coming to work with you at first, but there are few things better than getting paid for your passion.

When brands do approach you they might pay you to review a product, or they will gift you the product as compensation. Either way, blogging will start to become more than just a hobby.

If you want to continue building your presence, you can use a marketing company such as Click Intelligence to help you. They can offer a UK link building service which will link your content to reliable and credible sites. This type of linking is held in high regard by the search engines and will boost your page views.

      Social Media  Social media is a great medium for bloggers. Almost every blogger will have an active social media presence and will post numerous times per day, however, they will not always post their content; they will also mention trends and other useful information.  Instagram, in particular, is a good way to approach companies and ask to work with them. You will get many rejections, but you must persevere, and eventually, someone will say yes. Once they see other company‚Äôs reviews on your site, you will get others contacting you.   Email Enquiries  Similar to Instagram, emails can be a good way to approach companies asking to work with them. If you are a local company, ask other local businesses before venturing overseas. You need to gain credibility.  Make sure to send a large sum of emails and expect some to be ignored or rejected. Make sure your emails are personalized, and ensure you are sending them to the right departments and people. Find their website and find out if they have a local PR or press team in your country before contacting them. Research them and learn about their trade, services and products.  Make sure that you reply promptly to any emails you get back. Even if they say no, it is nice to acknowledge them. They may contact you in the future when you become more established.  If you are committed and regularly work on your blog, you will soon be in a position to start making money. It will not be a fortune at first, but it will be a good start which can lead to bigger and better things.   Get in touch with Ri Web if you need help with your blogging.  

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