The 9 Principles Behind Exceptional Digital Marketing

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Nick Chowdrey is an exceptional content marketer.

What does that mean?

It means he can write extremely well, understands SEO, how to promote content and create superb exposure for brands.

He’s so good in fact, that he’s regularly asked to write for the likes of The Guardian, Econsultancy, Vice and the Huffington PostHe’s now provided an exclusive interview to the Ri Web blog- definitely the cherry on top of the cake…

It’s fair to say that Nick, in his role as a Content Marketing Executive at Jellyfish, tends to deal with some rather large corporations. But the same principles he applies to their content marketing is universally applicable.

This means that the 9 answers he has given here apply as easily to a small business as they do to a big one. So take note and try to apply some of his insanely useful and actionable advice, it could take your business to the next level.

Should small businesses blog?

Yes they definitely should! But only if they know what they’re doing. The great thing about content marketing – and why it’s becoming more and more popular – is that so many people are doing it badly, or not at all. A decent content marketing strategy can make you stand out in your niche, building trust in your brand and reaching new audiences.

Nick Chowdrey
Nick Chowdrey

How do you create content that captures people’s attention?

It starts with researching what your audience is interested in. One mistake many businesses make is that they create content that’s important to them rather than their customers. For example, “We’ve appointed a new CEO” is not going to interest anyone.

Once you know what they’re interested in, you need to make sure the finished article is super shareable. This includes everything from adding share buttons to your blog, to involving influencers.

You work with SEO executives at Jellyfish, what SEO techniques should small businesses be focusing on?

Making sure your website is technically sound is the most important thing you can do. Make sure there’s no duplicate content, that each page has proper meta titles and descriptions, and that there’s strong internal linking within the site.

Nine principles not enough? Why not read our interview with Content guru Greg Stranberg? Greg gave us 10 insanely useful tips.

We loved your article on content promotion, should more people embrace paid promotion?

The biggest barriers to paid content promotion are a lack of knowledge and a fear that it’ll cost too much. First, it’s a lot easier than you think to promote your content – after all, it’s in ad platforms’ interest to make it as user friendly as possible. Second, a little bit of money can go a long way. I frequently see a Facebook post reaching 10-100 times more people than it would normally with as little as £20 in ad spend.

How can small businesses generate views without paying?

By creating unique, engaging content that’s genuinely useful; involving influencers (can’t stress this one enough!) and using digital PR to earn links.

Do you use any tools to aid your writing?

Not for the actual writing. I use tools like Buzzsumo, Searchmetrics and Followerwonk for developing content marketing strategies.

Do you think guest posting is worth it?

This is a tricky one. Guest posting for links alone is absolutely not worth it. You risk incurring a Google penalty and for not much reward. However, taking a more brand-led approach, it’s absolutely a great idea to become a thought leader in your niche. Just look at this interview – it’s come off the back of one of my guest posts for Econsultancy!

What are your favourite digital marketing blogs?

Econsultancy, the Moz blog and Copyblogger.

What one piece of advice would you give to a business looking to grow their traffic?

Hire a digital marketing agency 😉