About Us

Ri Web was founded in 2013 to deliver digital marketing solutions with exceptional customer service to small businesses in the United Kingdom.

Who Are Ri Web?

We are devoted to helping small businesses in the Thames Valley achieve success by delivering supportive, valuable and reliable web services.

Through listening, educating and inspiring, we strive to create an environment where our employees can be the best they can be.

Through fundraising events, we are committed to contributing to the welfare of our community.

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Vision For The Future

We will be nationally recognised as the web design company that does it differently and we will be revered in our industry as leaders by example of unbelievable service.

Ri Web team based in Henley-on-Thames

Our Values

We pride ourselves on adhering to the following values throughout everything we do and in every interaction we have:


To always be truthful with the information, advice and opinions we provide to each other and our clients.


To communicate clearly, openly and regularly between both fellow team members and clients to maintain transparency throughout everything we do.


We understand that we are fully accountable for everything that we do and take full responsibility for our actions.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to never stop improving the way we work, what we do and ultimately the results that we get. We each have a thirst for knowledge and prioritise self-development for the benefit of ourselves and our clients.

Care About Quality

By being our own biggest critics, we constantly evaluate our work and measure it against our own high standards to ensure we only deliver the highest quality outcomes for our clients and each other.